Monday, June 13, 2011

The LEGO of Zelda

The LEGO of Zelda: King of Red Lions

I love LEGO and Zelda so why not combine them, right? I built this little boat many years ago for my son. I was never too thrilled with my Link - the hat is pretty meh. It's actually a custom job - chopped down ninja hood. The boat is unmodified LEGO save for the sail, which is printed paper. I also made a little island for Link to explore, complete with a Chu jelly guarding a chest. In case your wondering the King of Red Lions looks like this:
If you haven't played Zelda: The Wind Waker you must really hate yourself. You are dead to me.

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  1. Is there anyway you could give a break down of the pieces needed to build this as my son is obsessed with this and wants santa to being it to him at christmas