Thursday, June 16, 2011

Godzilla's Weiner Moment

Godzilla's Weiner Moment

MANCHESTER, NH (AP) On the heels of Anthony Weiners resignation, comes news of another potential political scandal.

Popular gossip site TMZ is reporting that 2012 Presidential hopeful Godzilla e-mailed a lewd photo of himself to an Idaho St. college student. They claim the photo, which they refer to as a "shot of his junk," was sent to Kimberly Amber Lynn, a 21 year old junior at Idaho St., along with a message reading, "Kimberly, did you say, 'I da ho?'"

A Godzilla spokesman issued a statement saying, "Mr. Godzilla did not have relations with this young woman, digital or otherwise and we will make that clear, uh, when we do."

Godzilla, while out greeting prospective voters, was questioned by reporters as to whether or not the image in the photo was his. In a scene, eerily similar to the recent scandal involving Congressman Anthony Weiner, Godzilla replied, "I can not verify, at this time, whether or not it is me...I...I really can't see past my belly." He hastily exited the scene by taking four steps into neighboring Mass.

Once released, the "junk shot" began circulating quickly. The Godzilla campaign seemed unprepared and uncoordinated and was scrambling to do damage control.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reacts to seeing the Godzilla "junk" shot.

Ohh no. Here we go...

So the campaigns off to a great start, every thing's going smooth and BAM! you get hit in the face with a massive, hard to take news story like this. A story bulging with potential danger, that could burst at any moment. I pray that this turns out to be false. Or that he was hacked. Ugh...I too upset to type.

I still believe in you Godzilla, don't let me down.

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