Friday, June 10, 2011

EyeJustMadeItUp Offically Backs Godzilla for President in 2012

Godzilla for President 2012!

If we are made from the clay of the gods, then politicians are made from the god's monkey's poo when they're not busy flinging it. So yeah, politicians are basically bottom feeding, soul sucking, lying, cheating, meat sacks formed from monkey poo. I've never known a politician I could actually support. It's always been pick the lesser of two doucebags. Well, not any more. No sir. God-f'ing-zilla has entered the 2012 Presidential election. I am all over this shit.

In the coming months, I will do all I can to get this bad boy elected. You think any other country wants to mess with this dude? Answer - two words: Fuck. & No. This is the kind of ass-kicking leadership this country needs now. The dry cleaning industry will have to shut down from all the pant shitting that congress would do if they had to deal with President Godzilla. Can you say atomic veto power?

Eye Just Made It Up is proud to officially support Godzilla in his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States of America. Join us.

Or get crushed...


  1. yes I will vote if Godzilla runs. I am not old enough to vote, but with Godzilla all things are possible :)

  2. Excellent! Godzilla appreciates your support!