Friday, June 17, 2011

The "G Party" Emerges: Voters show support

Manchester residents hold signs and flags in support of Godzilla.
The "G Party" Emerges
Voters Show Support for their "Big G"

MANCHESTER MA (AP) - Supporters rallied in Manchester NH to show support for Godzilla, amid an emerging e-mail scandal. On Thursday, it was reported that an Idaho college student received a lewd e-mail from an account linked to Godzilla.

Despite the controversy, Godzilla supporters, many referring to themselves as "G Pariters," cheered enthusiastically, waving signs and flags, when Godzilla appeared on the scene. The crowd seemed unfazed by the situation, and a small but very vocal contingent chanted repeatedly, "Who da ho? I da ho!" in an apparent response to Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden's announcement that he was "looking into the matter."

Godzilla seemed visibly moved by the display of affection; a single tear trickling down his face. He let out a choked up "SKEEEEERONK" and quickly departed.


  1. Wow. Really, Pete, get your sources straight - in the by-line it says Manchester the article (so called) it says Manchester NH. Proof that this blog is filled with your head.

  2. He had one foot in Manchester NH, and one in Manchester MA, so nyaaah.