Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pokemon Victory!

Pokemon Victory!

Here's a quick little drawing I made of the newest little legendary, Victini. I drew this for a contest on Smogon. Like my wife, he's a cutie!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thoughtful Thoughts

Thoughtful Thought of the Week

"Indecisiveness is for the weak. Make a decision and let the chips fall where they may! Sometimes you can over-think a problem. I mean, it's all well and good to consider some of the variables of a given situation, in fact sometimes it's necessary. Really, I suppose it depends on the circumstance as to how one should proceed. In truth, you have to consider both sides of the coin. I guess what I'm saying is, consider all your opti - just what the hell am I saying?"

Mario World 1-1 - First Person!

First Person Mario (via Topless Robot )

So awesome to see it from Mario's perspective.

Lego Masterpiece of the Day

Stag Beetle
A painting by Albrecht Dürer

Here is a wonderful study of a Stag Beetle by German master Albrecht Dürer. It measures 5 9/16 x 4 1/2 in. and is LEGO on paper.

Wait, what? Yeah, I'm sorry, what you see here is actually a LEGO creation - a spot on representation of Dürer's original watercolor by LEGO master Tyler, aka, Legohaulic.

What can be said about this other than it's brilliant. The Dürer original is below and really, it's just perfect.

To see more of Legohaulic's work go here.
It's definitely worth the click.

 Here's the original:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic and Mayonnaise

Founded in 1878 by Lillian Hellmann, daughter of Mayonnaise magnate Richard L. Hellmann, the Mayo clinic is one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world. Ms. Hellmann started the clinic after the death of her niece who died from a rare, then unknown disease. She founded the institution with her "mayo" money and while it's official name, The Richard L Hellmann Clinic for the Treatment of Rare Diseases and Disorders, is little known, it's nickname, The Mayo Clinic, is the one known the world over. And that's for "real."

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Star Wars: The Musical (via Topless Robot )

Impressive. Most impressive. This is from a 1996 high school musical and it has to be seen to be appreciated. Brilliant.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wild Cows! UPDATE

Wild Cows! UPDATE

It would seem we're on to something here... Click here to learn more: Wild Cows! UPDATE

Thanks to Robotsnowman for the tip.

Lego Masterpiece of the Day

Mike Psiaki's X-Wing

I have admired Mike's work for a long time. I like how he'll work and re-work a MOC until it's just right. Here's his X-Wing and, yeah it's been done to death, but his is definitely one of the best, I've seen. 

I love the way he resolved the back perfectly. Those angles are sweet! I also love the tips at the gun ends.

Believe it or not, I actually thought to try that canopy angled as he has it - it's far more accurate that way, but I never got around to my own X-Wing.

I also love how dirty it looks. Great work, as usual!

You can check out more of this builders work here.

Top 10 Movies of All Time (Part 3)

4. LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring

This film is a masterpiece. Really. I really thought Tolkien's story was unfilmable. Peter Jackson proved me wrong, and I ever the happier for it. The opening 7 minutes is an amazing feat of film making. Filled with an unbelievable amount of exposition, Jackson achieves the impossible - making all that dizzying information understandable and entertaining. This film is brilliantly cast, Ian McKellen is Gandalf, beautifully shot, and truly epic in scale. This series will probably go down as the greatest trilogy in movie history.

3. Raiders of the Lost Ark

"Dun Da Dun Da...Dun Da Da" That theme kicks ass. And so does this film. This is really a perfect film. I love the way were introduced to Indy, all in shadow and mystery. Damn this film just oozes adventure. Harrison Ford is perfect as Indy. This film has comedy, romance, thrills, spills, action, great score, snappy dialog; it really has it all. I love this fill to all heck

 2. The Empire Strikes Back

The only complaint I have with this film is, being the middle part of a trilogy, it lacks resolution. Some would argue that this is not a detriment but then some are stupid. Beyond that, this film is perfect. Absolutely perfect. The dialog in Empire is snappy, the direction tight, and the effects mind blowing. Again, from the time the rebel soldier sees the fuzzy image of the Imperial walkers straight through the chase through the asteroid field may be the greatest thing ever put to film.

1. STAR WARS (duh)

Yeah, like it could be anything else. And I mean "Star Wars" here. We're talkin' Han shoots (Greedo doesn't), no 'Episode IV', no crappy CGI Jabba. Just Star Wars. This was the movie that hooked me. I was 10 and I still remember sitting in the movie theatre, "A long time ago...", the title crawl, then a spaceship appears, it's being fired on, then, "OH MY GOD WHATTHEHELLAWESOME a giant, endless ship crawls over the screen. What. An. Opening. This movie isn't number 1 just for nostalgia sake. This movie really takes you to another realm. Moreover, Star Wars still holds up today. If you look at a lot of movies from the 70's or even later for that matter, most look extremely dated. "Logan's Run" (a fine movie) is laughably dated looking, but Star Wars looks fresh. The art direction on this movie is just outstanding. The sets, the ships, the costumes, they all feel part of something real. The way the rebel ships are battered and weathered, the way the Empire's floors gleam, so many little touches make the Star Wars universe real. But a movie obviously must do more than look good and Star Wars does that. In spades. This is a rip roaring adventure, with snappy dialog (what happened George?) and characters we care about. And then there's the Force. Oh my, how Lucas destroyed the mystique and beauty of this crucial element. Midichlorians *shudder* Never mind that, this is the original SW we're talking about, the one that started it all, and the best movie of all time.

Honorable Mentions (In no particular order): Rudy, Breaking Away, A Fish Called Wanda, LOTR The Return of the King and The Two Towers, X-Men 1 & 2, Fantasia, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, White Christmas, A Christmas Story, Mary Poppins, Toy Story 2

Friday, March 11, 2011

Top 10 Movies of All Time (Part 2)

7. Young Frankenstein

Mel Brooks is a genius. I really struggled with whether "The Producers" should go here or "Young Frankenstein." There was definitely going to be a Brooks film in the top 10 and "Young Frankenstein" won out. Although it's a Mel Brooks film, the story was by Gene Wilder, with Brooks directing. This movie is frighteningly funny. Wilder is amazing as the mad doctor, Marty Feldman makes an unforgettable performance as Igor, the late Kenneth Mars is brilliant as the one-armed German Inspector and Madeline Kahn steals the show, as usual. Not only is this movie hilarious, it looks great too! Brooks did an amazing job recapturing the look and fell of the classic monster movies he's lampooning. The laboratory sets were actually used in the original Frankenstein movies! This movie is also so quotable. "Abby someone?" "Abby normal." "Sed-a-give?" "He ish volloing in hish grandvathers vootshteps!" "Great knockers" "Oh, sank you Doctor!" "Frau Blucher!" I could go on and on...

6. The Incredibles

This is easily my favorite Pixar movie. Don't get me wrong - they're all great - but this one really stands out. I can watch the hell out of this movie. The characters are really well drawn (no pun intended) and the villain is so awesome. The action is top notch and the story is tight. Really, this is much more of an action/adventure movie than anything else. Yes, it's funny, but it really plays like a super hero movie, and a great one at that. Directed by Brad Bird, who also directed "The Iron Giant" which I also highly recommend.

5. Monty Python & the Holy Grail

"You must find...A SHRUBBERY! *DANH*" Talk about a quotable movie? Holy Hand grenades! I could quote this entire movie at one point! I have seen this film more than any other, probably around 60+ viewings, and it never gets old. This movie is insane, in a good way, and very, very funny. The Black Knight scene is priceless. If you do not see this film then I will say "Ni" to you!

Lego Masterpiece of the Day

Milán Bikics Cathedral

This LEGO creation (yes, that is made of LEGO) is not new, but it is so very deserving of attention. Please click the link below and check out his other pictures. The level of detail is absolutely stunning. The roof is - really there aren't words that do it justice. Truly, a masterpiece!

Milán Bikics Cathedral

16 Years Ago Today...

16 Years Ago Today...

Wow. It's been 16 years! It seems like yesterday that I was just a 14 yr. old kid sneaking into the Country Club with a fake ID with no knowledge that my future wife was waiting inside, shakin' her groove thang. I've always looked older than my age, although now, as I approach 30 I practically look 45! And my beautiful wife looks younger than me! I guess I have to blame my son for most of my gray hairs.

So yes, it was sixteen years ago today that we were married. 16 wonderful, beautiful, glorious years. I'm so grateful to have found a woman who loves me for who I am. No small feat, that! Thanks Sher, I love you so much, til infinity +1!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wild Cows: The Untold Story

Wild Cows: The Untold Story

We all know, or think we know, what a cow is. They're those slow, dim-witted, grass chewing, milk giving meat sacks that you yell "Moo" at when you drive by them in the country. True enough. But were they always this way? Science tells us that cows, like all animals, are always in a state of evolution, not unlike Pokemon.
Actually, doesn't evolve

While it's true that cows were among the first animals to be domesticated we must be aware that this was not always the case. There were once wild cows.

Most scientists now believe that sometime before the dawn of man, wild cows roamed the plains of Central Asia. They traveled in packs, hunting their prey - what's that? Yes, you heard correctly, hunting. You see, wild cows were carnivores. According to noted evolutionary biologist Dr. May King Astori, a recent discovery in Turkey has revolutionized thinking on bovine evolution. The jaw structure and bite of the fossils uncovered in Turkey has led to the conclusion that bovines were once carnivorous, or at least omnivorous. It is believed that wild cows lived in packs, dominated by a male, the alpha cow. The rest of the pack would consist of females and young, with young males being permitted to stay until adulthood. It is believed they hunted smaller game, deer like creatures and smaller. The females were largely responsible for hunting, using a strangulation strategy whereby the pack would surround it's prey, slowly close in, with one cow eventually falling on the prey, crushing it to death.

Due to some recently revealed paleolithic cave paintings, scientists can infer possible mating patterns of the wild cow. It appears that the females engaged in combat to win potential mates in what is known as "locking the udders" It seems the cows would charge each other sideways and, with great force, smash their udders into each other. Sometimes the udders would become entangled, resulting in, if not great loss of life, then great loss of milk.

There is also some evidence that cows once lived in trees and laid eggs. As outrageous as some of these findings may be, one must understand that evolutionary science is always changing, evolving if you will. Not long ago the idea of feathered dinosaurs would have been preposterous, but recent discoveries have shown this to be true. As Dr. Astori stated, "We know what we know when we know it. But when we learn something new, that changes what we knew, then we know that what we thought we knew we no longer know."

So, next time your driving down a country road and see a bunch of cows, remember, you might have been "what's for dinner."

Top 10 Movies of All Time (Part 1)

Here you go. THE top 10 movies of all time. Forget the AMA. Forget Ebert. This is the definitive list. So, you ask how is this list different? What makes this list so special? The answer is this is MY list, so shut up! The movies listed herein are, unquestionably, the best and, while you are free to your opinion, you are also free to be stupid. So, to the list! We'll start from 10 and work our way down.

10. Godzilla: Giant Monsters All Out Attack

Godzilla + King Ghidorah + Mothra + Baragon + beating the living hell out of each other = Unadulterated awesome. What sets this apart from most of the Kaiju films is it has a decent plot and characters you care about. But it's the fight scenes that make or break a G flick and this movie delivers with some serious Kaiju action. Godzilla is a straight out bad ass in this movie, with empty, cold eyes and an evil cunning to match. And yeah, Godzilla is my favorite actor so one of his films had to make the list.

9. Rebecca

One of Hitchcock's early films and definitely my favorite. This thriller is loaded with suspense. The remarkable thing is the tittle character is never seen but her presence absolutely dominates the film. It's a tight, tense thriller with gripping performances.The intense play between the cold housekeeper and the heroine is fascinating. A must see.

8. Sleeping Beauty

Any number of Disney animated films could have gone here but this one is just special. The art direction, under Eyvind Earle, is strikingly beautiful. The songs are wonderful and the villain is magnificent, er make that Maleficent. It doesn't hurt that this movie features one of the best dragons ever seen on film.

That's it for now. 7,6 and 5 shall follow shortly!


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