Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Godzilla 2012 News: Poll

Godzilla For President Facebook Poll

The Kaiju Fairness Foundation is conduction a poll on Facebook. The poll asks, "If the election was held today, who would you vote for?" There are three options to answer: (Independent Candidate) Godzilla, (Current President) Barack Obama, and (frontrunner and prospective Republican nominee) Mitt Romney. The Kaiju Fairness Foundation encourages all prospective voters (on Facebook) to participate in this poll. Results will be revealed Friday.

A poll has been added for those who are not on Facebook. Thanks to ima girl for the tip.

Remember, vote for the candidate of your choice, whether it's Godzilla or one of the other douches.

Pictured: Godzilla and the other douches.


  1. You can add a poll here for those of us who do not use facebook.I have a poll on my blog for voting if you want to see what it looks like :)