Saturday, June 18, 2011

LEGO Masterpeice of the Day

LEGO Godzilla by Moko

Yes, what you are beholding is Godzilla made of LEGO. This model is impressive in both size and execution. For those unaware, Moko is a master builder; his Brickshelf account offers loads of interesting builds and techniques. This creation is somewhat old but appropriate given it's relevance to developments in the Presidential election.

This model is chock full of snot (and no, I'm not talking about buggers) and creative building techniques.

To give some idea of the scale involved, here's a pic of the tail with a minifig.

Now that's what I call a nice piece a tail...

I would estimate the full figure to be about 3' - 4' tall. Moko is a building God...zilla! *rimshot*
Really, do yourself a favor and explore the rest of this gallery. While your at it, go through the rest of his brickshelf galleries. I guarantee you it's worth it!

I'm Godzilla, and I approve this LEGO Masterpiece of the day

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