Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mr. Pigmon's Guide to Marital Bliss: Christmas Gift Guide!

Hey Boss! Mr. Pigmon here! The holidays are right around the corner and you still haven't bought your certain special someone a certain special gift yet, have you? Well, Mr. Pigmon is here to save your donkey! All 4 of the gifts featured here are guaranteed to get a big reaction from your lady friend! Let's begin!

1. Proto J253G Pliers Connector Soft Jaw - $25.33 at

"Why pliers Mr. Pigmon? Isn't this a man toy?" you may be asking and "Pliers are not just for men." Mr. Pigmon would be answering!

You see, it's my understanding that most women have difficulty opening things like jars, bottles or doors. That's where the pliers come in.

Check out this:

As you can see, lids have been the bane of women from time immemorial. Remember, not all lids are as easy to open as Alcoa brand lids and with these handy pliers you can save her the embarrassment of having to interrupt your game when she's trying to open the salsa for your chips! Not only do they feature an adjustable width to tackle larger bottles or jars, but the smooth rubber handle won't chafe her hands or chip her nails!

Note: these pliers are not recommended for opening doors - she'll still have to rely on you for that.

2. PRO-SERIES Drywall Stilts - $135.00 at Home Depot

If there's one thing all women are terrified of (besides wearing the same dress as another woman at a party) it's mice! One minute she's chopping celery for the tuna casserole, the next she's screeching like a banshee at the top of her lungs, desperately teetering on a chair, bleeding fear, at the sight of mousical danger below.

With these brilliant PRO-SERIES Drywall stilts, your lady friend will be whistling a happy tune as she calmly divvies up the tuna casserole, should she find herself confronted by one of these furry fear machines.

And with the handy height adjustment, she should feel safe from any rodent up to capybara size.

Always a good idea to protect your lady parts around rodents.

3. California Girl Fake Nail Kit - $5.68 at

All women want to look their best while still being able to keep a clean tidy house and a well fed you. However, this can create a dilemma. Cleaning and scrubbing takes it's toll on the hands.

See here:

With these beautiful fake nails she can continue to do the work she loves and not have to worry about showing you cracked mangly troll paws.

It's a perfect gift for any woman, even if your lady friend is a fourteen fingered mutant like the gal in this ad.

4. Kidde Kidde 408-466141 3 Lb. 10Bc Kitchen-Garage Fire Extinguisher - $26.34 at Sears

Women are a fragile powder keg of emotional insecurities. She's just one chipped nail away from a Defcon 5 emotional meltdown. With this in mind, it's only a matter of time before your ham steak becomes a Viking funeral. Yes, sooner or later she's going to start a fire. 

Be ready for that day with this practical, yet stylish, fire extinguisher. It's big enough to handle any kitchen crises yet light enough for her to use. Just remember to go over the instructions for proper fire extinguisher use before inferno time!

Pro tip: Always point out things she didn't burn. It'll make her feel better.

If you've already given your gal pal all the gifts already suggested, Mr. Pigmon offers this bit of bonus advice! Try this handy list:

Pro tip: Make sure you do it before she cries!

Well, that's if for now! See ya soon Boss!


  1. Pete I think you have outdone yourself this time! A stellar review of what to get the *Little Woman* in your life!What are you getting Sher?

  2. Sherrie Hale, Ph.D.December 8, 2011 at 9:11 PM

    Pure genius, Honey. really. I mean it. Just you give me even one of those gifts as a present and watch what happens.

  3. Brilliant. Can you do a gift guide for children?