Thursday, March 10, 2011

Top 10 Movies of All Time (Part 1)

Here you go. THE top 10 movies of all time. Forget the AMA. Forget Ebert. This is the definitive list. So, you ask how is this list different? What makes this list so special? The answer is this is MY list, so shut up! The movies listed herein are, unquestionably, the best and, while you are free to your opinion, you are also free to be stupid. So, to the list! We'll start from 10 and work our way down.

10. Godzilla: Giant Monsters All Out Attack

Godzilla + King Ghidorah + Mothra + Baragon + beating the living hell out of each other = Unadulterated awesome. What sets this apart from most of the Kaiju films is it has a decent plot and characters you care about. But it's the fight scenes that make or break a G flick and this movie delivers with some serious Kaiju action. Godzilla is a straight out bad ass in this movie, with empty, cold eyes and an evil cunning to match. And yeah, Godzilla is my favorite actor so one of his films had to make the list.

9. Rebecca

One of Hitchcock's early films and definitely my favorite. This thriller is loaded with suspense. The remarkable thing is the tittle character is never seen but her presence absolutely dominates the film. It's a tight, tense thriller with gripping performances.The intense play between the cold housekeeper and the heroine is fascinating. A must see.

8. Sleeping Beauty

Any number of Disney animated films could have gone here but this one is just special. The art direction, under Eyvind Earle, is strikingly beautiful. The songs are wonderful and the villain is magnificent, er make that Maleficent. It doesn't hurt that this movie features one of the best dragons ever seen on film.

That's it for now. 7,6 and 5 shall follow shortly!

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