Friday, March 11, 2011

Top 10 Movies of All Time (Part 2)

7. Young Frankenstein

Mel Brooks is a genius. I really struggled with whether "The Producers" should go here or "Young Frankenstein." There was definitely going to be a Brooks film in the top 10 and "Young Frankenstein" won out. Although it's a Mel Brooks film, the story was by Gene Wilder, with Brooks directing. This movie is frighteningly funny. Wilder is amazing as the mad doctor, Marty Feldman makes an unforgettable performance as Igor, the late Kenneth Mars is brilliant as the one-armed German Inspector and Madeline Kahn steals the show, as usual. Not only is this movie hilarious, it looks great too! Brooks did an amazing job recapturing the look and fell of the classic monster movies he's lampooning. The laboratory sets were actually used in the original Frankenstein movies! This movie is also so quotable. "Abby someone?" "Abby normal." "Sed-a-give?" "He ish volloing in hish grandvathers vootshteps!" "Great knockers" "Oh, sank you Doctor!" "Frau Blucher!" I could go on and on...

6. The Incredibles

This is easily my favorite Pixar movie. Don't get me wrong - they're all great - but this one really stands out. I can watch the hell out of this movie. The characters are really well drawn (no pun intended) and the villain is so awesome. The action is top notch and the story is tight. Really, this is much more of an action/adventure movie than anything else. Yes, it's funny, but it really plays like a super hero movie, and a great one at that. Directed by Brad Bird, who also directed "The Iron Giant" which I also highly recommend.

5. Monty Python & the Holy Grail

"You must find...A SHRUBBERY! *DANH*" Talk about a quotable movie? Holy Hand grenades! I could quote this entire movie at one point! I have seen this film more than any other, probably around 60+ viewings, and it never gets old. This movie is insane, in a good way, and very, very funny. The Black Knight scene is priceless. If you do not see this film then I will say "Ni" to you!

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